• Freelance Cinematographer based in Hamburg and Berlin
    • 2018 Founder, CEO and Producer at Filmgarnitur GmbH in Berlin
    • 2015 – 2017 Meisterschüler for Cinematography at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF 
    • 2015 becomes father of twins
    • 2015 Diploma
    • Scholar of the Students‘ Foundation of the German People
    • 2013 first work as DP for feature length films for TV (arte/3sat/ZDF)
    • 2010 – 2015 Student of Cinematography at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
    • 2006 – 2011 1st AC for TV and Film
    • Camera Technician at ariane-film gmbh
    • 2009 IHK qualification as a mediadesigner audio/ vision
    • Founding the artist´s community “Bildästheten” in Leipzig
    • Student of mediadesign audio/ vision at DEKRA Media Academy in Berlin
    • 2006 – 2009 apprenticeship for mediadesign audio/ vision (ariane-film gmbh in Leipzig)
    • 2004 Abitur (university entrance-diploma)
    • born in 1985 in Chemnitz



    • digital Cinematography (Arri, Red, Sony, Canon,…)
    • 16mm, 35mm & film laboratory
    • Highspeed, Time-lapse
    • Infrared
    • Macro-SFX-Shots & Greenscreenstudio
    • Drivers license category B
    • English
    • French (basics)


  • Workshop “Highspeed Cinematography” in cooperation with ARRI Lightning, University of Applied Science Mittweida 2016 – 2018
  • Workshops “Basics in cinematography and film lighting”, Humboldt University Berlin 2012 – 2014
  • Seminar “Cinematography for Documentaries”, University of Applied Science Mittweida 2014
  • Trainer for mediadesign audio/ vision (ariane-film gmbh Leipzig) 2009




FILMOGRAPHY (selection, Jan 2019)

“GRAND CRU” (WT) in production

Documentary film, 90min, France/ Portugal/ USA/ Germany 2019

Director: Siegfried Ressel

a+r film, Grand Angle Bordeaux, ZDF/ 3sat, France3


“Unseld” (WT) in production

TV-Documentary, 2x 45min, Germany/ CH 2019

Director: Corinna Belz, Siegfried Ressel

a+r film, ZDF/ 3sat


“DAZWISCHEN ELSA” (WT) in postproduction

Documentary film, 30min, Germany/ Spain 2018

Director: Katharina Pethke



“Wie erkläre ich mir das Glück des toten Frettchens” (WT) in postproduction

Feature film, 70min, Germany 2018

Director: Leon Bela Daniel

HfbK Hamburg


“Der edle Räuber Karasek”

TV-Documentary, 45min, Germany 2018

Director: Christel Spärlich

Studio DD, MDR


“ARMA X” (WT) in postproduction

commercial/ event, 5 min, Germany 2018

Arma-collective Moscow



„LOVEMOBIL“ (WT) in postproductionLOVE

Documentary film, 105min, Germany 2016 – 2018

Director: Elke Lehrenkrauss

nordmedia, NDR



“Moonlight Princess”moon

essayistic short, 15min, short film and part of the “Out of Place” omnibus film  2017

Director: Elke Lehrenkrauss

one two films,

  • WINNER BEST EXPERIMENTAL Frontdoc Film Festival 2017 (Italy)
  • WINNER BEST EXPERIMENTAL FeelTheReel Glasgow International Film Festival 2017
  • WINNER BEST FILM – DOCUMENTARY at KARGIL International Film Festival 2017
  • WINNER BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM at the FEMUCIQ Festival Mundial de Cine Independiente de Quito 2017
  • WINNER ‚Best Experimental‘ and a NOMINATION for ‚Best Documentary’ at the BUCHAREST ShortCut Cinefest 2017
  • SILVER Best Short Documentary New Delhi Short Film Festival 2017
  • DOCAVIV 2017 The Tel Aviv  International Documentary Film Festival, Israel
  • OpenEyes Filmfest 2017 – Marburg – Festival Selection
  • still running festivals worldwide


Lucky” (upcoming premier)

Documentary, 45min, Germany, Japan 2015 – 2017

Director: Hannes Richter



„Hingabe/ Devotion“ HINGABE (AT), D/DK 2016, Filmuniversität Potsdam, Regie: Pablo Kaes

Feature Film, 80min, Germany 2016 – 2017

Director: Pablo Kaes

Film University Babelsberg

  • 42. MOSTRA INTERNACIONAL DE CINEMA Sao Paulo Int´l Film Festival
  • exground film fest 31, Wiesbaden Germany


„ER“ (WT) in postproductionER

Documentary/ Autobiographical Portrait, 52min, Germany/ USA 2011 – 2017

Director: Christoph Rohrscheidt





TV-Documentary/ Portrait, 90min, Germany 2017

Director: Kathrin Heim




Commercial, 40sec, Germany 2016

Director: Steffen Cornelius Tralles

Mädchenfilm Hamburg


„Buch unter Druck“ buch

TV-Documentary, 60min, Germany, France 2014

Director: Siegfried Ressel

a&r-film, Peter Hartwig; arte



TV-Documantary, 3x30min, Germany, Austria, Switzerland 2014

Director: Siegfried Ressel

a&r-film, ZDF/3sat



Short, 15min, Argentinia/ Buenos Aires 2014

Director: Pablo Kaes

  • Leiden International Film Festival 2015
  • Huesca International Short Competition 2015
  • Hannover up and coming Filmfestival 2015


Absolute Man – Bruno Banani“Bruno

Commercial/ Interactive Socialmedia-Film, 2.30min, Germany 2014

Director: Christof Amrhein

Makai Europe, P&G


„Volksvertreter“ volksvertreter-banner

TV-Documentary, 90min; 2x45min, Germany 2012/2013

Director: Siegfried Ressel

a&r film, Peter Hartwig, 3sat / ZDF / ZDFinfo

  • Shortlist Grimmepreis 2014

„Masuren“  Masuren

TV-Documentary, 30min, Poland 2013

Director: Melanie Hentze

ariane-film gmbh, MDR



Short, 22min, Germany 2013

Director: Brigitte Bertele

Film University, Elena Winterer


„Ich zieh mich an und langsam aus“ichziehmich02

Short, 20min, Germany 2012

Director: Caroline Bennewitz

Film Univerity, Milena Thompson


„Round Midnight“RM-Banner

Short, 23min, S16mm, Germany 2012

Director: Pablo Kaes

Film University, Angela Sarstedt

  • Competition Max Ophüls Filmpreis 2014

„Virgil und Evan“VE-Banner-mit Ehrenkranz

Short, 13min, S16mm, Germany 2011

Director: Franziska Pflaum

Film University, Alexander Saidow

  • Competition Diagonale Graz 2014